About Saline County


Named after the region's salt mines, Saline County is a rural community in Mid-Missouri of approximately 23,000 people. Saline County proves to be a highly versatile, diverse, and friendly community. Whether you are looking for a quality education, a job, time away from your busy life, or a place for locating your business, you have come to the right place.


Located in the heart of America, in between St. Louis and Kansas City, Saline County is an excellent choice for any type of business. Bordered by the Missouri River and located adjacent to major interstate highways I-70 and US-65, Saline County offers a variety of transportation and logistics possibilities.


Shaped by its diverse culture, workforce and educational institutions, the county provides a hard-working, multicultural, and integrated workforce.


There are many advantages to locating your business in Saline County. When you see our comparatively low average wages, convenient location, technology, and labor force, you won't just think of Saline County as "the best location" for your project; you'll think of it as home.


The Marshall-Saline Development Corporation (MSDC) was established in 1989 to enhance Saline County, Missouri by strengthening existing industry/business, bringing new commercial and industrial development into the county, and cultivating entrepreneurial endeavors from within the community.


This is to be accomplished by recruiting new industries to locate in Saline County, by aiding in the expansion of existing industries, and coordinating education, awareness, and resources to those in the community working on business startup.


Close proximity to major cities and major universities - all via direct travel on interstate systems.


Access to large, educated and experienced labor basin within an hour's drive of Saline County.


Take advantage of professional sports teams, entertainment venues and recreational activities.

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