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The Marshall-Saline Development Corporation (MSDC) was established in 1991 to enhance Saline County, Missouri by strengthening existing industry/business, bringing new commercial and industrial development into the county, and cultivating entrepreneurial endeavors from within the community.

This is to be accomplished by recruiting new industries to locate in Saline County, by aiding in the expansion of existing industries, and coordinating education, awareness, and resources to those in the community working on business startup.


The Board of Directors of Marshall-Saline Development Corporation is composed of 8 members. Six represent those entities who support MSDC in the amount of $10,000 or more, per year. The remaining two are called "At-Large" members. They are elected by the appointed Board Members. The Board holds its reorganization meeting in January of each year. Officers for the year are also elected at that time.

Sandy Allison - Executive Director

Board Members

Officers Members

Jene Crook -President

Bud Summers Vice President 

Jeff Bergstrom Secretary/ Treasurer

Kirk Arends, Monte Fenner,  Sandy Hisle, Greg Swift and Tom Blumhorst

Contributors of $10,000 or More

City of Marshall

Saline County

Marshall Municipal Utilities

Wood & Huston Bank

City of Slater/ Exchange Bank

Investors Group

The Marshall Investors Group consists of a network of businesses that contribute to MSDC in the amount of $10,000 annually. The members of this group are :

- Community Bank

- Central Missouri AgriService

- Fitzgibbon Hospital

- Naught-Naught Insurance Agency

- Red Cross Pharmacy

- Blumhorst Veterinary

- Dale Zank Insurance Agency

- ConAgra

- Septagon Construction

- MKI-DI Enterprises

- Elmer Hare Ford

  Marshal Chamber of Commerce 

  Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission

For more details on the Investors Group or if you would like to join and contribute to MSDC, please email sandy@marshall-saline-dev.com or call us at (660)-886-6889


PO Box 427

Marshall, MO 65340


Sandy Allison, Executive Director


Cell: 660-631-3371

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   Marshall-Saline Development

             Mission Statement

MSDC's Mission is to strengthen

Saline County by supporting existing businesses and industry and recruiting new business and industry to Saline County



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