Marshall has properties available for expansion or investment, offering a valuable opportunity for the growth of your business. 


Location One

Location One is a listing of available properties in Saline County. Check out our list of properties available to find your business' next home. 

Location One Broker or Property Owner Agreement


Marshall Saline Industrial Park

Marshall Industrial Park offers 8 acres of land available. The space is zoned Industrial and is located within the Enhanced Enterprise Zone.


Slater Industrial Park

Slater boasts two modern Industrial Parks with over fifty-one acres available for building or expanding businesses. There are a variety of sites available. Both offer clear, level, attractive sites, with full utilities, including water, electric, natural gas and internet.These sites are priced well below what you might pay elsewhere. Rail spurs are available on some of the locations. Our downtown business district currently has 6000 sq/ft of new retail space available for rent, lease or purchase. Contact Slater City Hall at 660-529-2271

If you have a commercial or industrial property and/or building you would like to make available to sell for economic purposes, please reach out to carolyn@marshall-saline-dev.com or call 660-886-6889 for more information.