Find out what's involved in starting and running your own business


Designed for first time small business owners as well as larger established enterprises, we have found that the Missouri Business Portal website is the one central location for you to conduct research, business registration, filings, licenses, and permits for doing business in Missouri.

About the Missouri Business Portal

The Missouri Business Portal is a joint effort of the following officials and State agencies:

  • Secretary of State

  • Department of Economic Development

  • Department of Revenue

  • Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

  • Office of Administration

  • University of Missouri - Small Business Development Centers

About the site

The Missouri Business Portal is designed to be the one central location for you to conduct registration and filings for your business throughout its lifecycle. This starts with the first seed of an idea and follows through various stages until you're ready to exit your business.

Who should use the site

This web site is for all entrepreneurs wishing to do business in Missouri. It is designed to be used by the first time small business owner as well as the larger, established enterprise. This portal provides access to research and support as well as required registrations, licensing and filings.

Utilizing this portal, you can:

  • Find out what support may be available from state and federal sources.

  • Take advantage of counseling, market and statistical research.

  • Register your enterprise online.

  • Make required filings, such as sales tax and annual reports.